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Flying to Malaga Airport 

Compare latest prices from all UK airports to Malaga

Getting from Malaga Airport to your apartment


There are 3 main ways to get to  the apartment and back to Malaga airport

car hire 



 Further down this page you will find information  to help

 you decide how you would like to get to and from your chosen apartment


 Bus from Malaga Airport to  Marbella bus station


The Avanza bus service in Marbella runs coaches between . 

Malaga Airport - Marbella Bus station 

These buses cheaper alternative to a taxi costing from just 8 - 10 one way depending on the time of day and type of service.

The "directo" bus travels on the toll road so it avoids much of the traffic on the slower coast road.  The service departs regularly from right outside arrivals in Malaga and then from the

Marbella Bus station you can catch a taxi or be collected.  The taxi cost to the apartment is

approx 12 - 15 during the day and after 10pm and over the weekends and holidays

it costs around 15

At Malaga Airport you must buy your ticket from the ticket booth outside the arrivals hall before getting on the bus.  

As you come out into the forecourt you will see a meeting point in front of you where you can go to pay.  

Pick up a current timetable for your return journey.

There is a taxi rank at the front of Aloha Gardens


If you are departing from Marbella you purchase your ticket at Marbella bus station. 

Buses are air-conditioned so even in the hot summer months it is a comfortable ride


The buses have  WIFI.

Ask about a family discount ticket


 Shuttle Service


Shuttle direct offers a variety of reliable options taking you from Malaga Airport to the apartment

with a range of very reasonable prices and options

Your destination when booking is Aloha Gardens




Taxi Transfers


Taxis at Malaga Airport are about the same price as ordering a transfer

EMAIL for transfer order form.

 The transfer service includes being met by an English speaking driver, helped 

with your luggage to the car, taking you are directly to the apartment.

 And finally the driver will will have your keys and will assist you 

with your bags and any questions you may have


The prices quoted are for return journeys

170 euros for  1 - 4 persons

 230 euros for   5 - 7 persons

   290 euros for  9 - 13 persons

I would not recommend relying on local taxis especially after dark

 firstly many of the drivers are from Malaga

and will not know the apartment, and secondly you will have to trust them

to wait with your cases if you have to collect the keys.





Hiring a car to get to your holiday apartment is a great option.

The 45 minute journey from Malaga airport is very straightforward and 

often the same price or less to hire for a week then the cost of return transfers.

Also a car can be useful for any trips you may like to make. 

see our tourist information page for ideas.


We always go with a no deposit pay on arrival company, beware some companies

hit you with hidden costs at pick up and your 'bargain' disappears.

Outside the high  season some companies rent for less than 3 for up to 28days.....if you are brave enough!


We have tried many companies over the years and now find Malagacar.com

on this link Car hire pay on arrival the best option

They are very efficient and quick with reasonable rates good cars and 

hardly any queues, unlike some companies operating out of the terminal,

(we have seen queues of 50 families out of season!)


What you need post BREXIT

According to the UK GOV the only thing required is an IDP (AN INTERNATIONAL DRIVING PERMIT)

IF you ONLY posses a paper license.


Some hire companies ask to see evidence of endorsements.

Go to this site www.gov.uk/view-driving-liscence and print off your page

a couple of days before your trip


DRIVING YOUR OWN CAR the following required

* AN INTERNATIONAL DRIVING PERMIT (IDP) if you ONLY have a paper license.

An IDP is not required for under 6 month stays.

* A GREEN CARD from your insurer ....it can take 6+weeks

* UK sticker on the rear of vehicle


 Please check the latest travel requirements UK GOV TRAVEL CHECKER